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JobsPH Employers’ Page

Posted by | June 10, 2017 | Employers' Page

Dear Employers, Human Resource and Recruitment Professionals

Welcome to JobsPH.net

AFFORDABLE job advertising packages to suit your needs and maximize your online recruiting potential.


To know more about JobsPH.net and its mission statement click here

Please CLICK HERE to login first or create and register your free account or use the “Login/Register” Button at the upper right corner of the website.  Other pages are not accessible if you are not logged in. Registering and Logging in as an Employer is FREE!, after which you may select any of the affordable packages to advertise your job opportunities 


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Below are the easy steps in order to post your company’s job openings.


Please find the steps below in order to advertise a job.  Need help?  CALL us now at +632 400 4544 or submit an online support ticket.  You may also send a message to us via Skype button below

Please check the Login/Register button at the upper right corner of the page.  Don’t forget to select Employer/JobLister on your registration.  It is FREE to register.

Choose any plan that suits your company’s hiring and recruitment needs.  Once you are already registered and logged in, you may be able to select your plan by clicking the links for Plans and Pricing.

Once a Plan is selected, you may Submit Jobs using the “Submit a Job” button.  Simply follow the directions and your jobs will be subject to editorial review.  Jobs are posted within 12 to 24 hours upon receipt of your payment.  Job posts may be edited by you during the duration of your plan.  Please see Plans and Pricing link below for more details.


Please click the link below for our Plans and Pricing

Contact us now and we will respond fast to your inquiry


Phone: +632 400 4544



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