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Health Guide

Tips for a Heart Healthy Life

(ARA) – Cardiovascular disease is the single greatest health threat for women today, more than all cancers combined. Recent studies have shown that the general public is more aware of this threat than physicians, which is cause for concern when so many entrust their health to their doctors.

A national study from the Association of Women’s Heart Programs (AWHP) and the California Pistachio Commission (CPC) showed 59 percent of women and 44 percent of men were aware that heart disease was the leading cause of death among women. However, a recent American Heart Association survey showed that an overwhelming number of doctors did not necessarily know the basic, important facts about women and heart disease. According to the most recent data from a 2005 study, only eight percent of primary care physicians and 17 percent of cardiologists knew that heart disease killed more women than men.

“No matter what your age might be, it’s never too early to start taking better care of yourself and living a heart-healthy lifestyle,” states Dr. Susan Bennett, cardiologist and president of the AWHP. “These tips will help improve heart and cardiovascular system health and help build stronger partnerships between patients and their doctors.”

* No matter how young or old you are, talk with your doctor now about heart health. Discuss the differences between men and women, including primary symptoms that signal disease. Ask about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Set goals for your blood pressure and cholesterol.

* Get moving — exercise and give your heart a workout. The heart is a muscle too, and strong hearts pump blood and nutrients more easily through the body.

* Give your body balanced nutrition. Keep heart-healthy snacks including fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts — like pistachios — on hand whenever you’re on the go to keep you on track for healthy eating habits. Remember, a one-ounce serving of pistachios is 49 nuts, more than any other snack nut.

* Keep your weight under control. The key to including nuts in the diet without adding extra calories is portion control. Losing excess weight will help lower blood levels of harmful LDL cholesterol and prevent other risk factors. Limit saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt and added sugars.

* Research published in 2006 suggested when healthy men and women ate pistachios for 20 percent of their daily calories their risk for heart disease was decreased. Their total cholesterol level dropped and their HDL (good) cholesterol level significantly improved.

* Stop smoking. All research arrives at the same conclusion — smoking is not good for your health or your heart. Women who smoke have up to six times greater risk of a heart attack or stroke.

* Don’t put off regular checkups. See your doctor regularly and don’t hesitate to speak up if you’re not feeling “right.” Your doctor is there to listen and keep you healthy, so ask questions and be honest.

“With more than 350,000 women dying each year from heart disease, it is vital that public education — and perhaps even more important, more rigorous education of medical care providers — about this issue continues,” stated Karen Reinecke, CPC president. “A healthy heart starts with the individual and continues with a positive patient-doctor relationship.”

Taking control of your heart health is important and can save your life or the lives of loved ones. For more information, visit

Courtesy of ARAcontent

6 Easy Techniques To Cope With Night Shift Work -Without Any Expensive Doctors Or Medicine
by: Ebe Heng

People working the night shift poses a huge challenge for their sleeping system, because of the improper light exposure/ activity levels. The exposure to light sets our body temperature rhythm and controls our melatonin levels. If you work a night shift, you’re remaining active while your body thinks it’s time to sleep.This put a strain on your sleeping system, and it’s also difficult on your emotional life as it limits your social activities with friends and family.

And because of the lack of light during work, many night shift workers feels drowsy during work, some night shift workers even doze off when driving home in their cars. Highlighted below are some recommendations for you to get quality sleep and feel less drowsy during work.

1. Routine

Maintaining a “regular sleping schedule during the weekends is important. By sleeping the same way during the weekend that you do during the weekdays, you ensure that your body temperature rhythm becomes adjusted to this setting, you’ll get better sleep and higher energy levels in the long run.

2. Short nap

Due the lack of sunlight in your schedule, your body will try to sleep longer than other people. But chances are you still want to interact with your love ones during the day, so if you still feel un-rested and drowsy after your sleep, take a short 10-45 minute nap during the day. The brief period of stage 2 sleep will charge you physically -allowing you to stay more alert during the day.

3. Exercise before work

Exercise will create a rise in your body temperature rhythm, this makes you more awake and alert during work. As you experienced high temperature at work, you will get low temperature after work, that will make you easier to fall asleep and sleep deeply.

4. Bright light during work

Exposing yourself to high intensity light while working the night shift,would let you becomes more energetic as the light raises your body temperature. As you feel more energetic during your work, your would feel tired after work, thus allowing you to have quality sleep after work.

Best way to combat fatigue at work is to have an artifical bright light generator (talk to your boss about it -it is good for productivity) that can generate 5000-10000 luxes of light.

5. Avoid that Morning Sun

Try to avoid light when you leave work by wearing dark sunglasses, this will lower the chance that your body will get confused and think it’s time to wake up. Also make sure that you sleep in a dark room after work, and that your sleep isn’t interrupted by bright light. Bright morning light is a major cue for your body that it’s rise and shine time and this will limit your sleep drastcially.

6. Do not sleep immediately

Do not sleep for the first 3 hours when you reach home (usually 6-7am in the morning) as it is interrupted by morning activity around the house. The first 3 hours of your sleep contains the largest portion of your deep sleep, so you shouldn’t go to bed right after your work.But wait until everyone in your house leaves for work and the children have eaten breakfast and are in school -this way you can wind down abit after work and get to sleep.

In conclusion, shift work will always be strenunous on the sleeping system. However, by using the suggestions highlighted in this articles you should be able to increase the strength of your sleeping system, get better quality sleep and enjoy a higher level of energy.

About The Author
How important is a good night sleep worth to you? Ebe Heng has co-created the ultimate, informative and useful sleep dirctories for anyone with any sleep related problems. Rid that insomnia bug and get the sleep that you deserved!

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