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TPV Offshoring and BPO Inc. –

TPV Offshoring and BPO specializes in offshore staffing and business process outsourcing.

Strategically located in the Philippines where key offshore and outsource key competencies are resourced, TPV invests a wonderful working environment for its key people. People Motivation is one of the key success factors of our organization.

Established by experts in the BPO industry for more than 10 years, the company is in growth, and expected to grow more in headcount in years to come.

The company’s key offshoring activities are highly varied, from the general to the more specialized, from the less demanding, to the more demanding tasks. Below are sample areas where we have helped clients in the form of an Offshore Staff Arrangement or a Business Process Outsourcing Arrangement:

1) Accounting – record keeping, record to report, GL Analysts
2) Technical/Customer support for IT-related, eg. webhosting, helpdesk
3) Information Technology Software Development/Support
4) Recruitment
5) Payroll
6) Marketing and Business Development
7) Training
8) Appointment Setters

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